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Perfekt Kartuzy

Modular furniture

P-01 P-02 P-03 P-04 P-05 P-06 P-07 P-08

P-09 P-10 P-11 P-12 P-13 P-14 P-15 PB-15

PB-01 PB-02 PB-03 PB-04 PB-05 PB-06 PB-07

PB-08 PB-09 PB-10 PB-11 PB-12 PB-13 PB-14

Type Name Dimension Type Name Dimension
P-01 Open bookcase with shelves 800x400x1800mm PB-01 Small Desk 700x700x760mm
P-02 Bookcase with doors 800x400x1800mm PB-02 Desk 1600x700x760mm
P-03 Bookcase with 4 drawers 800x400x1800mm PB-03 Low Desk 1200x480x650mm
P-04 Bookcase with glass doors 800x400x1800mm PB-04 Corner 90° 700x700x760mm
P-05 Bookcase with 4 drawers glass 800x400x1800mm PB-05 Conference Extra 700x100x760mm
P-06 Completely closed bookcase with shelves 800x400x1800mm PB-06 Container with 3 drawers 480x450x600mm
P-07 Bookshelf Magazine 800x400x1800mm PB-07 Connector 90° 700x700mm
P-08 Wardrobe 800x600x1800mm PB-08 Connector 60° 700x700mm
P-09 Narrow wardrobe 600x600x1800mm PB-09 Extra square 950x950x760mm
P-10 Cabinet for TV and video equipment 900x600x1800mm PB-10 Table for teacher 1400x700x760mm
P-11 Bookshelf teaching 8-encloses 800x400x1800mm PB-11 Conference table 1800x800x760mm
P-12 Bookshelf teaching 6-encloses the contribution to the logs 800x400x1800mm PB-12 Occasional table 700x500x600mm
P-13 Low open bookcase with shelves 800x400x1100mm PB-13 Auxiliary table on wheels 600x450x680mm
P-14 Low bookcase with doors 800x400x1100mm PB-14 Table for computer 700x700x760mm
P-15 Low bookcase with 4 drawers 800x400x1100mm PB-15 Table for computer 1400x700x760mm

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